ISPILI Magazine Volume 2:
ISINGQI | Vibration

ISPILI Magazine Volume 2:
ISINGQI | Vibration

The second volume of ISPILI Magazine is dedicated to Eastern Cape born cultural worker, archiver,
healer and Xhosa music bow master, Madosini. For this issue, we’re interested in the various ways of
knowing around ISINGQI/ sound-ing, the diverse vibrational/ sonic dimensions and how they in
themselves are modalities of knowing and traversing the universe, of communicating, channeling: the
relationship between the sonic and ontic.

Various ideas/ mythologies exist: in the beginning the was sound/ the word/ the big bang. Ukombela
in isiXhosa means to dig (for something) and in the same instance it relates to the process of building/
constructing a song, the world. what are the (symbolic) implications of sound, each frequency each
tradition? How does sounds construct personal, social and cultural meaning as memory, thus
contributing to physical, emotion, psychic and spiritual healing?

From October 2019 to Februal 2020, we had four high vibrational activations of ISPILI Magazine Volume II: ISINGQI | Vibration across the country that is dedicated to maKhulu Madosini. the first activation occurred in Kimberley with our brothers Abongile Lerotholi and Nkosenathi Koela, and was followed by a deep meditative prayer for our Elder, the late Sanusi mKhulu Credo Mutwa in his home in Kuruman.

We travelled to PE for our second activation in collaboration with our beautyful sisters @thesisza_ and we’re accompanied by Luvuyo Mjuleni and Kamohelo Molebeleli. MaKhulu Madosini did us the greatest honour in the third activation eKapa as we gifted her with ISPILI Mag (she couldn’t stop smiling at the front cover illustration of her by Tolo Likakheswa (Siyakha Mduli).) The final activation took place eMonti where our EC family showed up in such a tremendous way: Amandla Zamxaka, Qhawekazi Giyose, Neahtyah ben Ammi, and Xhanti Nokwali.

The activations are powerful way of introducing the magazine to the market, as well as ISPILI Network and its broader work and vision. These activations have also opened a window to new forms of generating knowledge and forms that allow us to remember the wisdom of our ancestors by having Elders share their experiences with the audience. As a result, ISPILI Magazine Volumes I + II are locally distributed by the spaces and organizations we have collaborated with in different towns and cities.

Read more about this volume an in interview with ISPILI Magazine editor Sisonke Papu by clicking here.

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