Full Profile

Company Overview

ISPILI Network is a transmedia agency and open space for dialogue, collaboration, innovation, and healing among the Nelson Mandela Bay and greater South African creatives. This is achieved through curated social programmes that are aimed at healing, re+membering, archiving and transmission of indigenous knowledge, research, and development.


We work in the realm of visual art and design, printing and publishing, film and sound design, as well as storytelling, consultancy, and conceptualization. Our work explores various traditions and projections into possible futures and offers unique creative-solving templates dedicated to amplifying the Nelson Mandela Bay and Eastern Cape creative economy.



ISPILI Network seeks to an off-city skills share agency that has a residency program dedicated to the healing and well-being of creatives, and exploring pathways to empower the youth in rural areas through creativity, technology and self knowledge.


ISPILI Network’s mission is to generate, preserve and transmit unique content that explores work and indigenous knowledge produced by Nelson Mandela Bay and Eastern Cape creatives through podcasts, various forms of textual publications, as well as audio visual forms.

Core Values

ISPILI Network believes that the cultural dimension is a regenerative force that offers multiple possibilities which can assist the African landscape, and the world, in finding creative and innovative solutions to its historic and contemporary problems, bringing about healing, love and harmony.


We aim to own a physical space in the Port Elizabeth CBD that will curate exhibitions, workshops, screenings, dialogues, and be an open space for creatives to collaborate and creative new forms of economy, thereby bridge the gap between them, the market and stakeholders.

Primary Offerings

We conceptualize, produce and package audio and visual presentations in short or long form, for brands, organizations, and individuals who seek to offer their audience an immersed experience of their brand identity and energy.


An EPK is an effective way to promote your brand through a mixed media marketing package tailored for your identity.


With your personalised mini-documentary, you can give your audience an immersive engagement your work and what makes your brand unique.


Conceptual short-form film-making to promote your brand, product/ service, or event to boost audience engagement and participation.


We assist you in producing (recording and mastering) your Podcast and deliver quality content to your audience.


Minimal and effective design increases audience engagement and interaction, we assist you in formulating strategies to reach your audience.


We offer creative, fashion, street and product photography services and deliver quality visual content for your brand.


Brand storytelling is a vital component for any individual or brand. We design, edit copy for various forms of publication.


We are assist in conceptualizing, strategizing and aligning brand awareness, develop workshops for capacity building and expanding the imagination.